Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's In Store?

I currently have a lot of stock in store that I would like to share with you. Please keep in mind, due to our dollar, there is a price increase on most items effective March 1, 2009. So, get your products today!

Power Sort Mini Box (holds 600 photos) $15.00

Memory Manager 2.0 Software $41.95

Primary & Jewel Contect Collection Software $35.00
(to be used with StoryBook Creator Plus Software)

11X14 PicFolio Milestones Album - Cream $55.00

PicFolio Minutes Album - Black $25.00

PicFolio Mini Album Gift Set (2 mini albums) - Blue & Burgundy $25.00

Jewel Milestones Album Kit $13.00

* Winter Wonderland Max Kit $28.00

* Ice Blue 8X8 Max Album $35.00
(* Can be purchased as the 8X8 Winter Wonderland Quick Kit - a savings of $7.00)

8X8 Winter Wonderland Quick Kit $56.00
(includes Winter Wonderland Max Kit and Ice Blue 8X8 Max Album)

** Celebration Max Kit 8X8 $28.00

** Mini Everyday Display $43.00

** Calendar Mats $5.00

** Calendar Month Stickers $5.00

** Calendar Week Stickers $5.00
(** Can be purchased as the Message Center Bundle - a savings of $28.00)

Message Center Bundle $58.00
(includes Mini Everyday Display, Calendar Mats, Calendar Month Stickers, Calendar Week Stickers & a Free Celebration Max Kit)

Paper Album Kit-Candy Cane $16.00
(a great way to get those Christmas pictures scrapbooked!)

Paper Album Kit-Summer Fun $16.00

Paper Album Kit-Preppy Patterns $16.00

Paper Album Kit-Bohemian $16.00

12X12 Coverset Album - Cobalt $29.00

12X12 White Scrapbook Pages $18.00

12X12 Page Protectors $9.00

12X12 Primary Power Palette System $43.00
(All Power Palette Systems includes 16 double-sided designer-print papers, 16 double-sided tone-on-tone papers, 3 designer sticker sheets, 4 title sticker sheets, 48 double-sided photo mats, 48 double-sided journaling boxes. Enough material for at least 32 pages!!)

12X12 Romance Power Palette System $43.00

12X12 Romance Wedding Power Palette Kit $22.00
(Kit includes 8 designer-print and 8 tone-on-tone papers, 24 double-sided photo mats, 2 designer sticker sheets and 2 title sticker sheets)

8X8 Primary Christmas Kit $19.00
(Kit includes 16 designer-print and 8 tone-on-tone papers, 24 double-sided photo mats, 2 designer sticker sheets and 2 title sticker sheets)

Expressions of Christmas Vellum Accents $8.00

Expressions of Friends & Family Vellum Accents $8.00

Expressions of Love Vellum Accents $8.00

Tape Runner $9.00

Frosted Splits (great for attaching vellum accents) $7.00

Corner Maker $10.00

Custom Cutting System Mat & Blades $39.00

4 Oval Cutting Patterns & Sizing Template $18.00

Tearing Tool $12.00

12-inch Straight Trimmer $28.00

12-inch Decorative Trimmer $32.00

Personal Trimmer $29.00

12 inch DecoFile Organizer $25.00

Feel free to contact me if you would like to come by and check out these products and more.

Shanley Stepaniuk
Creative Memories Consultant
33 Avondale Crescent
Steinbach, MB

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Made With Love Workshop

Our Made With Love project helps you create a handmade Valentine’s gift with our easy-to-create and easy-to-send paper album kit, perfect for your spouse, parent, sibling, child or friend.

The bundle includes a With Love Paper Album Kit, Frosted Photo Splits and a FREE Expressions of the Heart Vellum Accents. The price of the bundle is $23 – a savings of $8.00!

This workshop will take place on January 25, 2009 at my house (33 Avondale Crescent, Steinbach) from 1:00pm – 2:00pm.

All you need to bring is a 12-inch straight trimmer, tape runner and a journaling pen. If you do not have these products, please let me know and I would be more than happy to order them along with your bundle!

The deadline to register for this workshop is January 18, 2009.

My workshop fee is only $5 and I will provide yummy snacks, instruction and a comfortable place for you to complete your project. Just think…you will have a completed project in only a couple of hours!!

If you are interested in this workshop, please let me know before the deadline stated above. I will order your product and it will be here waiting for you on the scheduled day. If you are interested in ordering these bundles but are unable to attend the workshop, I can include the step-by-step project instruction sheet for you so you can create this project on your own time.

Seating is limited so please don’t delay in booking your spot.

Shanley Stepaniuk, Creative Memories Consultant, 204-326-7572, psstep@shaw.ca

Creative Memories New Year's Celebration

When you host a Get Together, you’ll simply gather your friends, family, neighbors — anyone who takes photos! Your Consultant will handle the rest by giving you lots of easy ideas for showcasing your photos and sharing the stories.

Earn more in January!

Start with $400 in sales at your Get Together event & you’ll be able to purchase a $100 product pack for just $35.95. And you’ll receive a Host Rewards Credit of 15% which means another $60* in free products.

Plus when you have 8 guests in attendance & purchase a $100 product pack for just $35.95, you’ll receive an additional 10% in Host Rewards Credit. That’s another $40* in free products. To top it off, you’ll also get a free Mini Power Sort ($15 value).

Total it up & you have $215* worth of products for just $35.95.
*This number is based on $400 in event sales. Host Rewards Credit increases as event sales increase!

And that’s not all – when you hold your qualifying Get Together between Jan 1-10, you’ll receive 100 Free Prints from the Creative Memories Photo Center.

And we didn’t forget about your guests. Your guests will have the opportunity to purchase product packs for only $7 for just attending your Get Together event!

So don’t delay, book your Get Together event today!

Shanley Stepaniuk
Creative Memories Consultant